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Ask Mr. Agile®: What do you think about the #NoEstimates movement?

Interviewer: What do you think about the #NoEstimates movement?

Mr. Agile®: Even under #noestimates, they are estimating. Under a traditional estimation, you’ll have variability among the scope size and then you’ll give them a respective estimate. What #noestimates is really saying is, “Hey, you're not going to have to make any estimates if all of the requirements are broken down into the exact same size.” That isn't effort-free--there is effort in trying to make them all the exact same size.

If you have a team that is strong enough that they’re able to do it, and they’re able to do it efficiently, I’m all for that. What we find most likely though is it’s actually easier for the teams to accept the variability between the requirements themselves and give them a sizing range.

So, if you have a mature team and you want to experiment with it, I support it a hundred percent. If you're just starting out, give people that range that they have some flexibility to work with. That’s what we’re recommending.

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