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December 17, 2018

Uncover the Hidden Priorities that Make You Ineffective

Many organizations and teams mistakenly justify context switching as both parallelization and talent resource optimization. Although their goal is efficiency, unknowingly these “hidden priorities” result in not only loss of efficiency (accomplishing things quickly), but also loss of effectiveness (accomplishing the most valuable things). This article examines the hidden priorities in context switching vs. parallelization.

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Mark was a wonderful presenter. He kept the class engaged, easily transferred knowledge to students and answered questions effectively.
Jacklyn R.
Steve had exceptional presentation skills, and was able to expand on many concepts through real-world examples from his own background…and even spent additional time after the end of the sessions to discuss our specific situations…
Jeff K.
At this time, I don't have much to say other than the fact the training was fantastic - Mark did a fabulous job!!