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Referral Fee Program for Platinum Edge Alumni

Platinum Edge is rolling out a new referral program! As an alumni, you know first-hand what Platinum Edge is all about. Spread the word about our services and earn 10% for each referral!


Alumni: Introduce Platinum Edge to relevant executives and use reasonable efforts to facilitate a relationship between Platinum Edge and the prospect for a specific service.


Alumni must have a substantive relationship with the prospect and follow the procedure below:

  • Submit a lead for a prospect via email to [email protected]
  • Platinum Edge will approve or reject the submitted prospect as an approved prospect via an email notification (Approval Notice)
  • Once approved, the prospect will be deemed an "Opportunity"
  • Facilitate the execution of a Statement of Work with the prospect for a specific service
  • Receive 10% of the gross revenue upon payment to Platinum Edge for that engagement

Alumni shall qualify for a Referral Fee upon payment by Opportunity to Platinum Edge for the specified service within 6 months of the Approval Notice.

Platinum Edge welcomes and appreciates alumni referrals. However, we can only pay referral fees when the alumni coordinates with us prior to prospective customer contact. Please do not make any statements or representations about Platinum Edge services that could be misleading.

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