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Overview of Agile Auditing

Analyze and Assess Your Agile Effectiveness

Platinum Edge understands that good strategy is measured solely in the value generated for your organization. That is why our professionals work with executive management to develop tailored agile implementation strategies that align with your organizational structure, culture and goals.

We audit organizations transitioning from waterfall approaches, as well as organizations that wish to improve existing agile practices. We start by auditing your current project management practices. We identify critical success factors and opportunities for improvement. With this assessment, we leverage our knowledge, experience and insights to develop an enterprise agile strategy that delivers.

Agile audits include:

  • A three- to five-week review of your existing project management practices, corporate objectives, culture and organization.
  • Identification of opportunities to improve efficiency.
  • Creation and presentation of a comprehensive implementation strategy and roadmap document, including specific steps necessary for an agile transition, success factors, potential impediments and a timeline for change.

Having an objective assessment of where we were, along with a clear path forward, was instrumental in helping us get to where we wanted to be.

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