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Agile Project Management For Dummies 3rd Ed.

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Platinum Edge agile experts, Mark Layton, CST, PMP, MBA2, Steven Ostermiller, CST, PMP, ICP-ACC, and Dean Kynaston, CSP-SM, CSP-PO, MBA, share their expertise in the newly updated, third edition of Agile Project Management for Dummies.

The third edition shows you how to leverage the agile project management framework to achieve your goals and realize success. Product developers and project leaders will be able to use this book to orchestrate successful projects. The book’s principles and techniques will guide you in:

  • Creating a product roadmap.
  • Self-correcting iterations of deployable products.
  • Preparing for a product launch. 

Achieving fast and flexible product development is possible with an agile product management framework. It’s also a valuable tool for managing a range of business projects. 
Written by one of the original agile technique thought leaders, this book steers you and your teams in exploring why agile techniques work and how to create an effective agile environment. Readers will gain the knowledge to improve various areas of project management, including:

  • Defining your product’s vision and features.
  • Learning the steps for putting agile techniques into action.
  • Manage the project’s scope and procurement
  • Planning your team’s sprints and releases.
  • Simplify reporting related to the project.

Agile Project Management for Dummies, 3rd Edition can help you more effectively manage your project's scope and its time demands and costs. Additionally, you’ll feel confident and prepared to handle team dynamics, quality challenges, and risks.

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