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Salt Lake City Agile Coaching & Scrum Training

Salt Lake City, Utah's economic growth and thriving ecosystem depend on organizations and leadership becoming as agile, lightweight and adaptive as possible. Salt Lake City is just minutes away from where the agile manifesto was written. Platinum Edge is an integral part of the Salt Lake City scrum and technology ecosystem, with local agile coaches, scrum trainers and recruiters right in the heart of the action.

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Utah is one of only a handful of states that multiple billion-dollar private technology companies (Fortune Unicorn List) call home, and has earned the respect to be called the Silicon Slopes. Scrum training and agile coaching are helping technology companies are fund successfully and disrupt established organizations and industries. Improve your ability to continue thriving in a disruptive world by working with Platinum Edge's team of scrum trainers and agile coaches in Utah.

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