Agile Roadmap: What’s the Objective?

One of the biggest myths about agile development is that it discards long-term planning. The truth is, agile values and principles do not imply a rudderless approach. Rather, if done right, it actually means we are tactically flexible because we are strategically stable.

One key factor is the product roadmap. The roadmap helps teams plan out their projects to have an idea of what the path will look like. It provides the ‘big picture’ view teams need to stay focused on the overall vision and strategy.

The point of an agile roadmap is to allow teams to respond to shifts in the competitive landscape. It is a high-level plan that describes how the product is likely to grow. A roadmap allows you to express where you want to take the product and facilitates learning and change.

When it comes to managing the roadmap, the product owner should owns it, with input from other team members and stakeholders. When applied correctly, the product roadmap and the product backlog complement each other nicely.


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