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How do I know when an agile project is complete?

  • How do I know when an agile project is complete?

  • How do I justify the need for a dedicated, full-time scrum master on each team?

  • How do agile organizations manage third party vendor contracts?

  • How do I know what certification is best for me?

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  • Can scrum teams change their sprint length?

  • On what day of the week should we start our sprints?

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  • How do you use a UX designer on an agile project?

  • Can the product owner become the customer as well?

  • What is your favorite agile scaling model?

  • What is the best way to utilize a small team with oversight of multiple products?

  • What is a spike and why does it confuse so many people?

  • Refactoring architecture seems expensive and dangerous, but why do you encourage it?

  • If everyone is co-located, how do we prevent siloed development?

  • What are functional vs. nonfunctional requirements?

  • What is an agile work breakdown structure?

  • How do Gantt charts work with scrum?

  • What do you think about the #NoEstimates movement?

  • When does waterfall theory work?

  • Is waterfall vs. agile just proclivity?

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  • Where does a project manager fit in agile projects?