How Agile Principles can work for Marketing

When applying agile principles to marketing, employees may be a little skeptical of what that exactly means for the company.

Company leaders may also have their doubts, but there are core benefits to transitioning to agile practices.

The first plus to marketing agility is business performance. Marketers that adopt Agile practices will see increased business performance due to faster delivery, greater team productivity and focusing on the things that matter.

Employee satisfaction will also increase. One of the most unexpected benefits of marketing agility is that the employees often report a greater overall sense of satisfaction. They are able to take pride in their work from feeling more empowered in these encouraging environments.

And finally, we have adaptability. Marketers are better equipped to handle marketplace challenges and opportunities having built flexibility into their business operations. A lot of this comes with the employees having a clear idea of what their position entails, while ultimately collaborating with others to discover solutions.

Whether you are part of the marketing industry or not, integrating agile processes into your line of work are sure to receive a majority, if not all of these benefits.

The goal is to do what is best for the company and agility allows team leaders and members to construct strategies to do just that.

There are other ways to construct strategies to do what’s best for the company. How agile principles make a difference can be learned through certified classes on the subject taught by Agile Project Management for Dummies author Mark Layton (MBA2, CST, PMP, SCPM).


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