How to Overcome Impediments to Effective Project Management

by Jason Gardner (ed.)

As a member of a project team, you often play a vital role in ensuring that tasks are efficiently completed and on schedule. It can be frustrating when someone else is causing delays to your team’s progress, but what if you are the one inadvertently causing those roadblocks? In this blog post, we will discuss how to recognize the signs of impeding others and provide you with tips to avoid it.

Be Clear on Your Role and Responsibilities

The first step to avoiding being an impediment is to clearly understand your role in the project. As a team member, you have specific responsibilities to fulfill, and adhering to them is essential to keeping the project on track. Ensure that you know what tasks you are responsible for completing, how they fit into the larger process, and what impact these tasks have on the project’s timeline.

Communicate Effectively

Excellent communication is one of the most crucial aspects of preventing roadblocks in a project. Look for ways to use information radiators to keep relevant information readily available to those who need it.  Ensure you are available to answer questions and clarify the project’s requirements when needed. By communicating proactively, you will prevent misunderstandings that lead to avoidable delays.

Collaborate with Team members

A project is never the work of a single person but rather a collective effort by the team. Work in tandem with teammates and be open to their suggestions. You may not always agree on the approach to solving challenges. Still, by considering input from everyone, you can come up with a better solution that everyone understands and agrees with.

Be Adaptable and Flexible

Prioritization is key to delivering the highest value for your customers.  Realize that priorities may change as customer needs change and as the team learns lessons from feedback. If you identify any issues that may affect the project deadline, bring it to the team’s attention and collaborate on a solution to best meet customer needs.

Stay Accountable

Holding yourself accountable for your actions is a sign of leadership. Keep track of your progress and regularly evaluate how it affects the larger project. If you find yourself delaying the work of others, identify the root cause and work towards a solution that addresses it. Do not keep others waiting or blame them for your delays.


In conclusion, impeding a project can be detrimental to its success. The key to avoiding this is understanding your role in the project, communicating effectively, collaborating with your team, being adaptable and flexible, and staying accountable. By consistently following these tips, you will be an asset to any project and contribute to its successful execution.


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