Multinational Corporations and How They Can Remain Agile

Although we talk a lot about agile software development within the United States, many industries are using agile processes across the globe. Multinational corporations are experts in connecting industries through a variety of research techniques.

Multinational corporations (MNC’s) are organizations that own or control production or services facilities in one or more countries other than their own.

These corporations focus mainly on innovation, helping companies come up with solutions to maximize business impact and customer satisfaction.

Although these large companies have the pressure of bringing in the big dollars, there are key ways that they maintain agility.

First, they focus on the structure of the organization. Creating empowered local teams along with a platform for effective global collaboration plays a big role in how the organization functions.
Second, the corporation must get the right talent. It is important to hire new talent that has the desired skillset, while ultimately re-skilling the existing talent, is a plus.
(Creating a balanced team doesn’t mean only hiring “type-A” players.)

And finally, we have the process in which things are done. Moving over to agile development processes is the goal.

All these factors contribute to promoting and encouraging collaborative environments in MNCs.

There are other ways to construct strategies to do what’s best for the company. How agile principles make a difference can be learned through certified classes on the subject taught by Agile Project Management for Dummies author Mark Layton (MBA2, CST, PMP, SCPM).


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