The State of Scrum in Los Angeles, California: Challenges, Communities, Trends, and Unique Characteristics

by Steve Ostermiller (Ed.)

Scrum has become the go-to framework for agile development and project management in many organizations across the world. Los Angeles, California is no exception. This vibrant city is home to a thriving tech industry and an ever-growing community of agile practitioners who are leveraging scrum to drive innovation and success. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the state of scrum in Los Angeles. Who is using it? What are the challenges? And what is unique to the scrum market in this area? Whether you are a leader or scrum team member, this post will offer valuable insights and perspectives.

Who is using Scrum in Los Angeles?

Scrum is used by several industries in Los Angeles, from entertainment to finance to healthcare to retail and more. Companies of all sizes and backgrounds are adopting scrum, including startups, mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises such as Disney, Warner Bros., Hulu, and more. As one of the most innovative and competitive cities in the world, Los Angeles has a strong culture of experimentation and risk-taking. This environment has created an ideal setting for scrum to thrive, as it offers teams the flexibility to test and iterate quickly to meet changing market demands.

What are the challenges of using Scrum in Los Angeles?

Like any city, Los Angeles has its share of unique challenges when it comes to implementing scrum. One of the most common challenges is finding skilled and experienced scrum practitioners. The demand for agile professionals is high, and the competition is fierce. Another challenge is managing dispersed teams, as many companies in Los Angeles have offices and team members spread across multiple locations. Additionally, companies must navigate complex regulatory requirements and compliance standards, particularly in industries like healthcare and finance. Finally, with so many distractions and opportunities in the city, it can be easy to lose focus and get derailed from project goals.

What is unique about scrum in the Los Angeles market?

The unique characteristics of the Los Angeles market hold different opportunities and challenges for scrum. The entertainment industry, for example, has a strong presence in the city, and scrum teams in this industry often have to work with tight schedules and high-stakes projects. The startup scene is also vibrant, with many entrepreneurs choosing to launch their businesses in Los Angeles due to the city’s diverse talent pool, supportive ecosystem, and access to capital. Additionally, the city’s diversity and inclusivity are reflected in the scrum market, as teams are often made up of members with different backgrounds, languages, and cultures.

What are the largest and most active agile communities in Los Angeles?

The Los Angeles Agile community is one of the largest and most vibrant in the world. The LA Scrum Alliance Meetup is one such example, with over 5,000 members coming together to discuss ways to use scrum for success. There are also several local chapters of the Agile Alliance focusing on topics such as Lean-Agile Software Development, Agile Leadership, and Agile Testing. Other popular events include monthly meetups hosted by companies like Agile LA  with over 800 members participating. These meetups give attendees an opportunity to share best practices and network with their peers.

What is the future for scrum in Los Angeles?

Based on the current trends, it’s safe to say that scrum will continue to be a popular choice for project management and product development in Los Angeles. Companies of all sizes are realizing the potential of agile methods, and they are investing more time and resources into preparing their teams to adopt scrum successfully. This has led to an increase in demand for experienced professionals as well as educational offerings like certification courses and workshops. With access to world-class talent, technology, and infrastructure, Los Angeles is poised to become one of the leading cities for scrum innovation.


Agile organizations are thriving in Los Angeles, California, and the city’s unique characteristics have helped shape the local market. While there are challenges to navigate, the adoption of scrum in industries across the board is on the rise. Companies leveraging scrum can benefit from the framework’s adaptability, flexibility, and emphasis on collaboration and iterative development. With the continued growth of the tech industry and innovation economy, Los Angeles is poised to remain a hotbed of scrum adoption and innovation in the years to come.


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