What is a Scrum Team?

Scrum projects have a number of teams, and that can be confusing. Let’s clear this up.

Scrum has three main roles:

  • The scrum master, who helps protect the team from distractions and clear impediments
  • The product owner, who makes decisions about product features and priorities
  • The development team, who does the work of creating the product

Together, the scrum master, product owner and development team make up the scrum team.

Scrum teams also have:

  • Stakeholders: anyone interested in the project’s outcome
  • Agile coaches and mentors, who help scrum teams understand and enact scrum practices

The scrum team, with the stakeholders and scrum coaches or mentors, make up the project team. You can see the teams together in the graphic below:

The Project Team = Scrum Team + Stakeholders and Agile Mentor or Coach


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