Ask Mr. Agile®: How Do I Know What Certification Is Best for Me?

The Question:

How do I know what certification is best for me?

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Mr. Agile®’s Answer:

Well, the first question is, what job are you trying to do? We offer a host of certifications, from Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) to Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) to Certified Scrum Developer (CSD). So, the first question that I always ask people is, “What’s the job that you’re trying to do?”

Having said that, obviously it makes sense for you to be certified in the area where you’re trying to contribute to the team. It often makes sense for you to educate yourself in the other roles as well. So I always tell people it never hurts to be certified even in peripheral roles themselves. There’s many other certifications associated with being effective as a good scrum team member: team leadership, communication skills, so on and so forth. So my point to others is…get as much education as you possibly can.

Whether it’s transitioning from traditional project management, managing vendor contracts, estimation, and more, Mr. Agile® has answers.

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