The Agile Manifesto: Working Products

Early delivery of working software (and, for more and more organizations, working products) is one of the biggest benefits of using agile approaches. Delivering working products early in a project can allow higher ROI. They let development teams prove whether difficult concepts work before spending a long time or a lot of money on a project. Working products that bring in revenue can even help fund the rest of a project.

On agile projects, development teams focus on working products. Documentation exists, of course, but only to support the development team’s work in creating the product and in supporting the product after launch.

Agile project teams product a few streamlined documents that take less time to maintain and provide better visibility into potential issues. In most cases, you can replace traditional project management documents with scrum artifacts: the product backlog and the sprint backlog. You can make sure technical / product-specific documents contain only what they need. With agile approaches, project teams spend more time on development and less time on documentation, resulting in a more efficient delivery of a working product.


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