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Platinum Edge is a registered education provider (REP) for Scrum Alliance. We offer certified scrum training (CSM, A-CSM, CSPO, CSD, CAL, etc), kanban, as well as agile scaling methods such as LeSS, Scrum-at-Scale, SAFe, etc. Sign up below for any of our public scheduled classes, or contact us to arrange a private class for your organization. We can even customize training classes to meet your organization's specific needs. Many of our classes qualify for professional development units (PDUs) with Project Management Institute (PMI), as well.

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This highly interactive certification course provides a comprehensive review of everything scrum. It deep dives into the scrum framework, its origins, and the principles for applying scrum in practical settings.

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The Advanced Certified ScrumMaster® (A-CSM®) course provides a deeper dive into the role of a scrum master, beyond what was learned in the introductory Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®) course. This highly interactive and learner-driven course guides participants to challenge what they think they know and expands their soft skills of facilitation, consensus-building and servant leadership. It also explores scrum in contexts beyond IT.

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This Certified Scrum Product Owner® course provides a thorough overview of the product owner’s role within a scrum team, within an organization, working with customers, users and stakeholders throughout product discovery in order to maximize business value.

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This 2-day highly interactive certification course arms designers, engineers, and quality assurance (QA) professionals with the essential knowledge to build quality from the start—eliminating defects and other downstream delays.

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This highly interactive certification course provides essential understanding of adaptive leadership for individuals and organizations. It is a combination of the Scrum Alliance CAL-E and CAL-O certifications.

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Disciplined Agile® Scrum Master (DASM®) will help you understand all the benefits of agile, and how to make it work for your organization. The Disciplined Agile tool kit includes hundreds of proven practices and approaches, and puts them into context. Through this course you’ll understand how to customize your way of working to the approach that makes sense for the situation you face in your organization.

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The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification is for people who have both in-depth knowledge of agile techniques and experience with customers’ real-world needs working on agile projects. This one-day course is usually combined with the two-day Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) or Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) courses to satisfy the 21 contact hours of training required by Project Management Institute (PMI) to sit for the PMI-ACP exam.

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This Platinum ProgramTM workshop unpacks Psychological Safety, based on the world renown researchers Timothy Clark, Brené Brown, Amy Edmonson, and David Rock.

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Strategic projects and process improvements require that people change the way they work, think, and sometimes, even what they value! Whether large or seemingly insignificant change is required, learn in this Platinum ProgramTM workshop how to ensure success with people readily adopting the changes and performing to the best of their ability right out of the gate.

Platinum Edge, Inc. Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Scrum Product Owner classes. ★★★★★ Rating: 5 out of 5

  • Private Courses

    Platinum Edge offers private agile training, with class sizes starting at 15 people. Private agile training classes ensure your team members have the same point of reference for agile processes, putting you all on the same page. Private classes allow you to frame class material with real situations from your company or organization.

    By combining private training with our audit and transformation services, you create a customized learning experience that delivers results outside the classroom. To get started, contact us today.

  • Partnership Courses

    Platinum Edge is proud to have partnered with PMI chapters and other professional organizations across the United States for agile training classes. Contact us today to find out more about bringing Platinum Edge classes to your professional organization's members.

Please contact us to discuss private or partnership classes.

Upcoming Courses

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Certified Scrum Courses

These highly interactive certification courses provide in-depth understanding of the Scrum team-based approach to iterative development. Participants are introduced to a full range of Scrum topics, from basic theory to organizational implementation, including practical applications, roles, and scaling.

Jul 12 - 15 | 8am - 12pm MDT
Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) - LIVE ONLINE
Jul 18 - 21 | 1-5pm ET
Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) - LIVE ONLINE
Herndon, VA
Jul 25 - 28 | 1pm - 5pm EDT
Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) - LIVE ONLINE
New York, NY

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