Agile Transformation

At its core, Platinum Edge is about transforming the way organizations work. We follow up on our agile audit and training services with embedded coaching and ongoing mentoring, to help companies become hyper-productive agile organizations. Our coaches are experienced organizational change agents, and will help your project teams, enterprise scrum teams and executives take the steps necessary to create an agile organization.

Transformation services include:

  • Project team/enterprise scrum team embedded coaching: looking for high-performing, self-organizing teams? We will work with your project teams daily to solidify lessons learned in training courses and reinforce best practices.
  • Transition team embedded coaching: want to have an effective agile transition? Start from the top. We work with the executives and senior managers responsible for executing agile implementation strategies, ensuring proper prioritization and daily visibility into your transition progress.
  • On-going mentoring: Want to ensure efficiency improvements are maintained? We provide mentoring for experienced agile project teams, helping them maintain their high performance, while fine-tuning their processes and identifying areas for even greater improvement.
  • Workshops: coaching sessions for specific scrum roles, artifacts or activities (for example, user story development or establishing a comprehensive budget at project inception), tailored to your project and organization.
Platinum Edge, Inc. Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Product Owner classes.
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